Private Coaching

Why Private Coaching?

As a working actor with more than 20 years under my belt, I’m excited to help you find new ways “in” to your creative self. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to acting well, and if you need to break your molds and habits, I want to help you make that happen. Throughout my career I’ve consistently used improvisation to find character, dive deeper into emotion, flesh out a story, and discover new things about a script. I believe that acting is playing, and it should be messy and unselfconscious.


What I Do

I offer audition and voice over demo prep, character and creature development work, on-camera commercial coaching, and theatrical on-camera scene study. I also offer general career consultation, to help you learn more about the industry, and pursuing different avenues within the acting profession. Whether you are new to the industry, need a shake-up or want to adapt to changing trends in either commercial, theatrical or VO, I am able to help guide you to achieve your unique goals.

All coaching is done via Zoom, FaceTime, or over the phone.

Fee Breakdown
  • Coaching starts at $65 for 30 minutes, with an additional $20 per 15 minutes after.
  • General consultation, no coaching, $75 for 45 minutes.
  • General consultation with a 30 minute coaching session, $135.
  • Payment accepted through Venmo or Zelle and is required to hold your session time.
Work With Me

An actor’s life is unpredictable, due to bookings and auditions. I want to be flexible for your schedule, and please recognize I also may have last minute things come up that will affect our session.

Payment is required to hold your session time, and is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please do so with at least 24-hours notice. I will do my best to reschedule you in a timely manner. If your session is canceled with less than 24-hours notice, payment is forfeited and cannot be applied to your future session. A no-show is a payment forfeiture.

To schedule a session, please click here to pick a date. Once you’ve requested a date I will send you a Venmo or Zelle invoice. When payment is received, we’ll confirm your appointment. I’m located in California, so please keep that in mind as we’ll be scheduling in Pacific Time. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

I’m also pleased to offer my services through SkillsHub for Actors. Click here to book time with me via SkillsHub!


Working with Amanda is incredibly freeing and a great workout. As someone looking to loosen up in the booth, her knowledge, kindness, and love of play unlocks a part of acting that is often overlooked (and the key to success): having fun!
– Nicholas Leung
Amanda led me out of my habitual patterns in a most delightful way!
– Alison Inconstanti
Amanda has an incredible sense of fostering an actors ability to boundlessly play, while creating a safe environment to just keep throwing things at the wall. Working with her feels like a true remedy for finding the joy and loving the journey!
– Darius Marquis Johnson
Truly the most fun I have had in a while! Thank you for a spectacular class filled with so much laughter and so many smiles!
– Eva Allen
I’m beyond glad I had the opportunity to learn from you. I felt challenged, encouraged, and free in my wildness. There was a point in which fear and self-consciousness completely melted away. I felt so safe in the learning environment you created which in turn made me feel confident and safe in myself to push myself to higher stakes and bolder choices — it was absolutely liberating and I’ll carry that with me here forward. Thank you so much, Amanda.
– Colleen C. Darling

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