New VO Demos!

New animation and video game demos are up on my VO page (click the tab above). My original demo, the one that got me in the door at my amazing agency CESD, is still on that page... my first animation demo will always hold a special place in my heart. 


New FedEx spot

Had a fun shoot in February with director Jim Jenkins on TV spot for FedEx called "Good News Bad News." Good news: you can watch it here! Bad news... there's no bad news. 


"Passion Play" LA Premiere

UPDATE: Passion Play was a wonderful experience! Here are some of the lovely reviews from the show. We closed in March but I still miss the show. 

"Over the course of three hours and 400 years, Sarah Ruhl's panorama play offers many meaty roles. But, Amanda Troop's jolly, openhearted tollbooth collector in Act 3 is the single best piece of playing in this production under Bart DeLorenzo's direction. Reminiscent of Frances McDormand's Marge Gunderson in Fargo but with an extroverted bonhomie all her own, Troop presents an indelible portrait of Middle- American faith and fervor, utterly devoid of condescension." —Bob Verini, Critics Picks, Kabookit

"Amanda Troop is quietly solid throughout the play, but really stands out in act three as a sweet, plucky woman of faith." — Life in LA

"Troop excels but is most memorable as Mary 2 in the final act, playing what could be a stereotype of a true believer and bringing dignity and decency to the part....Director Bart DeLorenzo, perhaps the best director currently working in Los Angeles, doesn't disappoint here. The staging is graceful, the performances are well judged, and the hallucinatory or visionary moments (for which DeLorenzo has a real talent) are lovely." — Talkin Broadway

"Amanda Troop's Mary 2 (the Magdalene) are likewise given strikingly different variations on the same character in each act....Troop gets to play Mary Magdalene's interpreter as a young woman confused by her same-sex longings, the daughter of the elderly man whose traditional role as Christ has been taken over by his son, and a folksy, salt-of-the earth toll booth worker in Act Three....Passion Play is exciting, challenging theater, and quite marvelously performed and staged at the Odyssey." — Stage Scene LA

"Amanda Troop as the actress playing Mary Magdalene in all three productions [is] charming and engaging, and tell[s] some of the most compelling stories in the play." — Neon Tommy

"This production features some fine acting....Amanda Troop is fine as Mary's close friend, also named Mary and cast as Mary Magdalene in all three productions." — Blog Critics

"This superior troupe proffers great diversity of attack in their assorted castings.... this long-awaited Los Angeles premiere under the steady hand of director Bart DeLorenzo offers a welcome introduction to this cauldron boiling over with intriguing ideas and sure theatrical instincts." — Hollywood Reporter

"Wonderful ensemble...entrancing production." — LA Weekly

"...the actors did a great job. The quartet of Christian Leffler as Pontius Pilate, Amanda Troop as Mary Magdalene, Dorie Barton as the Virgin Mary and Daniel Bess as Jesus were fantastic. They did an excellent job of shifting and differentiating their relationships and interactions with each other throughout the different time periods despite the similarity of the struggles that they faced." — Culver City News

"The acting by the entire cast is mesmerizing... The whole cast is top notch" — LALA Scoop

"Ensemble work is powerful and strikingly versatile." — Stage and Cinema

"The cast here is excellent; the play is both entertaining and possessed of an undeniable intelligence." — Working Author

"Passion Play" is a compelling, moving, powerful and entertaining think piece. It's what theater is meant to be. — Edge Los Angeles

"Passion Play is thematically complex. It touches on the differences between faith and religion, leadership and politics, family and ardor. It makes the audience think about humankind's relationship with God, our concept of miracles, the effects of war, the results of collective guilt, and more. The play demands that its audience be open-minded.... it's lovely to be able to sit at a play and be absorbed and think for nearly three hours, then to continue thinking well into the following week." — Dany Margolies, Arts In LA

"Every actor in the company deserves much praise for their exceptional contributions to the production....It's been awhile since I can honestly say I was emotionally overwhelmed by a night of theater..... See PASSION PLAY and you may walk out of the theater as emotionally overwhelmed as I was, loving every single minute of the experience." — Broadway World



From 01/2014: I'm thrilled to get to play Mary 2 (aka Mary Magdalene) in the LA Premiere of "Passion Play" by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Bart DeLorenzo. It's a beautiful production and I'm so proud of our work. We run January 25-March 16 at the Odyssey Theatre. Click here for tickets and more info.

About the play: Three acting troupes rehearse a classical passion play at three key moments in history. Bart DeLorenzo guides a stellar cast from Queen Elizabeth's England to Hitler's Germany to Reagan's America as Tony Award and Pulitzer nominee Sarah Ruhl spins a funny and lusty tale of community spirit, individual morality, and global politics.


Coming Soon: Jungle Shuffle!

Poster for "Jungle Shuffle"In February I recorded a fun part in an upcoming animated feature called Jungle Shuffle. I play a primate named Cecilia and I fall in love with another character named Chuy played by Rob Schneider. The movie also stars the voice talents of Drake Bell, Fred Tatasciore, Debra Wilson and Jessica DiCicco. More news closer to the release date! 


We Don't Do Creepy

I have a new spot out for Longhorn Steakhouse, called "We Don't Do Creepy." It was a lot of fun to shoot with fantastic director Robert Lodgevall and actors Dale Dickey and Jeffery Stubblefield. If you haven't seen it on TV, here's a link to view it online: click here.  


Childrens Hospital

childrens hospI have a small role in an upcoming episode of Childrens Hospital! It's on Adult Swim, the late night programing on Cartoon Network, and the show lampoons current medical dramas... as well as just about anything else they feel like making fun of! My episode is called "Blaken." Not quite sure of the air date yet, but I will post it as soon as I get it! 


Saving Each Other

Saving-Each-Other-2806286I'm proud to announce that the audiobook of Saving Each Other, by Victoria Jackson and Ali Guthy, is now out!

I narrate the daughter's perspective in this true story of bravery and love against terrible odds. You can check it out here.


BAMF Girls Club

bamfWant more BAMF Girls Club? You got it! We're heading back to set this month to make some brand new episodes. 10 points for!


New Representation

I'm now represented by James Cole with Evolution! I'm thrilled to be working with this wonderful company.


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