Happy Fall 2017!

821004790A few updates as we head into autumn:

Comic Con 2017 was a blast! Supported friends on panels, attended amazing parties (Viceland, Nylon After Con, Wired Cafe, and the IMDB Boat party to name a few), and the Improvised Generation performed! 


I played Meera Reed in a Game of Thrones parody video by The Nerdist.


We had a run of The Improvised Generation: The Lost Episodes in August. A fun new format for our trek adventures.


We're wrapping up Ripley Presents: Dystopia. Only one more show this Sept, on the 22nd! In November we begin GLAM, The Gorgeous Ladies of Arm Matches (loosely based on the hit Netflix show GLOW). 


X-Files: Unclassified is back for season two! Love being a special agent with the FBI... or the monster of the week!

Amanda_Troop @JimmyGood013 Thanks! Looking for Disneyland tips specifically.
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