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Ripley is now performing GLAM, a completely improvised show based on the Netflix hit GLOW. It's a serialized show, full of  arm wrestling, glitter and leotards. Two more shows this year: Dec. 1 at 10:30 PM, and Dec. 7 at 11 PM, part of Winterfest. Also during Winterfest that same night, I'll be in an episode of The Improvised Generation on Dec 7 at 8 PM. All shows at Impro Studio


Happy Fall 2017!

821004790A few updates as we head into autumn:

Comic Con 2017 was a blast! Supported friends on panels, attended amazing parties (Viceland, Nylon After Con, Wired Cafe, and the IMDB Boat party to name a few), and the Improvised Generation performed! 


I played Meera Reed in a Game of Thrones parody video by The Nerdist.


We had a run of The Improvised Generation: The Lost Episodes in August. A fun new format for our trek adventures.


We're wrapping up Ripley Presents: Dystopia. Only one more show this Sept, on the 22nd! In November we begin GLAM, The Gorgeous Ladies of Arm Matches (loosely based on the hit Netflix show GLOW). 


X-Files: Unclassified is back for season two! Love being a special agent with the FBI... or the monster of the week!


Ripley Improv at the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

FringeEventImageThe all women group I direct and perform with is presenting "Dystopia" at the Hollywood Fringe Festival throughout June. Our dates are June 14 at 7 PM, June 22 at 8:30 PM, and June 24 at 1 PM. Excited to bring our Young Adult Dystopian long-form narrative improv to the Fringe Festival! Tickets and info at this link. 


Twitch Streaming and Yuri's Night

IMG 9166Last weekend was action packed! Ripley Improv (@RipleyImprov) participated in a live stream on Hyper RPG's Twitch channel, part of a 48 hour event benfiting HALO Worldwide. To watch an archive of that show (I'm the lead in it, BTW!) you need to subscribe to Hyper RPG's Twitch channel. Here's the link if you'd like to watch!





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Saturday night, The Improvised Generation performed at Yuri's Night, which is "a global celebration of humanity's past, present, and future in space!" It's named after Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space. In Los Angeles, the party is held at the California Science Center, under the Shuttle Endevor. So... kinda cool! Needless to say, it was an amazing time.


Improvised Generation & Ripley

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Launching into more long-form improvisation at Impro Studio! Season 3 of The Improvised Generation is underway, and better than ever. Follow the continuing journey of the crew aboard the U.S.S. McGinley for full episodes in the style of Star Trek: The Next Generation... and it's all completely improvised. 

Ripley, my team of female, kick-ass, artful improvisers, is back with more Young Adult Dystopia. We need this kind of storytelling more than ever. We performed at the Hollywood Improv Festival, and will be traveling to Austin, TX for the Improvised Play Festival in late February. We're also back at Impro Studio most Friday nights at 10:30 PM.

For tickets at info on both of these shows, click here.


Ovation Awards

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The Ovation Awards are just around the corner. Thrilled that Jane Austen: Unscripted was nominated for Best Presented Production! Proud to have been part of that show at The Broad Stage last year. Kudos to Impro Theatre Company!


Happy Thanksgiving

14258146 10153882932888587 6072199244476072875 oWhat a busy last few months! 

2016 has been quite the year, with many ups and downs. I remain grateful that I get to help create imaginary worlds and scenarios, and offer an escape to others from the day to day; a new perspective. Acting is all about empathy, about walking a mile in another's shoes so we can, as acurately as possible, portray all kinds of different people, tell all kinds of different stories. My wish for you for 2017 is that we find and create more empathy, more love, and that we are more gentle with each other as we move through our lives.

Thanks for stopping by my website. Here's to peace and love in 2017!


"Game of Falls" every Friday June & July

Game of Falls at Impro StudioIt's a dream come true--at the Impro Studio right now we're performing a weekly soap opera in the style of "Game of Thrones" called "Game of Falls." I play a girl disguised as a boy, studying to become a Maester while trying to ingratiate himself into the royal household. We'll also be posting each week's episode on our YouTube channel. Here's episode one, "A Duck in a Tavern."


"Girl Flu" at the LA Film Festival

"Girl Flu" movie posterVery proud to see the beautiful film "Girl Flu" at the LA Film Festival. My amazing friend Dorie Barton directed, and the end result was an intimate and endearing coming-of-age story told from a refreshing perspective. I have a small role about mid-way through the film. Can't wait to see where "Girl Flu" goes next. 


Long time, new updates!

Catching up on events from the last few months:

  • In December I performed with the incredible Impro Theatre Company in their production of Jane Austen Unscripted at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. We had a wonderful run, each show improvising a full length play in the style of Jane Austen.
    The cast of Jane Austen Unscripted.
  • Our second "season" of The Improvised Generation started in March. Sold out houses every performance at Impro Studio. How I adore being part of the our starfleet crew! We run through the end of April, and get your tickets in advance if you plan to attend. You can also watch past performances on our YouTube channel.
     The ladies of The Improvised Generation.
  • Coming up at Impro Studio: In May I'll be in You Can't Have it Scripted. My performance Lab at Impro has been workshopping this new genre, based on the works of Kaufman and Hart; the last Saturday of each month Fraudway LA presents Music in the Key of Murder, a "hard-boiled" noir style improv musical. See past shows and clips on our YouTube channel; and in June we begin an improvised soap opera in the style of Game of Thrones.
  • On March 26th I had the huge pleasure of being part of the Cartoon Voices panel at WonderCon. Moderated by Mark Evanier, and featuring Candi Milo, Townsend Coleman, David Sobolov, Maurice LeMarche, and yours truly. It was thrilling to be on a panel with people whose work I deeply admire, and whose talent and professionalism I strive to emulate. Plus we had a heck of a good time riffing together and performing an abridged version of Wizard of Oz.
     With Maurice LeMarche on the Cartoon Voices panel at WonderCon.   Cartoon Voices panel at WonderCon 2016.




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