Welcome to my website! Here you can watch clips of me acting, sign up for updates, view stills and production photos, check up on my latest work and get in touch. I'm a happy actor and I love what I do. Thanks for stopping by!

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Upcoming Improv Performances

08.17.2015: Got a whole lotta improv going on! Here are the dates and shows you can see me througout the fall. I'll try to keep this list updated if anything...

Batman Unlimited

08.17.2015: The second "Batman Unlimited" movie, "Monster Mayhem," comes out on 8/18/15. In it I reprise my role as Gladys Windsmere, a high society friend of Bruce...


02.10.2015: Come see me in "Camenot" a completely improvised medieval musical. Show dates for the year below. More info on our facebook page! DATES for 2015:Feb...