Welcome to my website! Here you can watch clips of me acting, sign up for updates, view stills and production photos, check up on my latest work and get in touch. I'm a happy actor and I love what I do. Thanks for stopping by!




Latest News

New FedEx spot

05.30.2014: Had a fun shoot in February with director Jim Jenkins on TV spot for FedEx called "Good News Bad News." Good news: you can watch it here! Bad news......

"Passion Play" LA...

05.29.2014: UPDATE: Passion Play was a wonderful experience! Here are some of the lovely reviews from the show. We closed in March but I still miss the...

Coming Soon: Jungle Shuffle!

08.14.2013: In February I recorded a fun part in an upcoming animated feature called Jungle Shuffle. I play a primate named Cecilia and I fall in love with...

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